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tv   Today  NBC  October 27, 2011 2:05am-3:05am EDT

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nbc-universal television captions paid for by nbc-universal television from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> it's nesday, wednesday, everybody. congratulations. >> you made it. >> october 26th. we're delighted you're here with us today. >> speaking of halloween, how about -- wait. because we were just talking about halloween stuff. >> you just ate a reese's peanut butter cup. >> i'm getting in the halloween spirit. we were talking about that congressman who thinks it would be a great idea to have halloween always on a saturday.
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>> i think that's a great idea. >> that is a genius idea. >> much better for families that can get home from work. they have to take their time getting ready for it. >> from your home state of connecticut, by the way. >> really? >> it would help out. monday night trick-or-treating? >> i know. >> that's not great. anyway. i thought i'd bring that up. >> we have a couple of things to clear up for all of you out there who've been watching us and following us on facebook. >> we do. you had a couple questions. one was about your lipstick, lip gloss, and your fingernails. everyone's interested in your nails. >> i don't know why. at least i had them done recently, thank goodness. the lipstick is mac, m-a-c and it's called myth. the gloss on top is called bite. the nails are -- they were originally chanel. the khaki rose. they only made that for fashion week a year ago. so now a company -- there's a
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company that will take something that's discontinued and make it for you. it's called giella, they custom blend things. >> i hate when they discontinue things. >> the dress you had on yesterday caused quite the stir. >> that's a kay unger dress. we love her stuff. this is a tip we love. i'm sorry. >> hoda brought it up yesterday. she's still on a roll. >> my -- i am between sizes. and i'm not going to say what sizes. in my shoes. >> large. >> what did you say? >> large. >> okay. so i always opt for the bigger ones because the smaller ones -- >> hurt your feet. >> -- hurt your feet. then you run the risk of your heel, like this one, sliding down. what do you do? some people buy those little instep thingies that aren't great. here's a cheap and easy alternative and we are going to test it out to make sure it works. take a maxi pad. a thin one.
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that's a big one. wow. >> oh. >> that is -- >> oh, my gosh. still not big enough for your shoe, though, hoda. >> all right. that is way too big. >> fits in there nicely. >> put it in there. and then -- >> it's the perfect fit. >> i've had it with you. then you put it on. oh, my gosh. look. this one's in. this one's coming out. this one has it in. look. so just buy your share of always ultra thin or something like it. anyway, they work. >> did you see this dust storm wedding? if you haven't seen it, it took place in arizona. they were saying their vows. out of nowhere came this dust storm.
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>> look at them. look how they're going through the entire ceremony. someone comes in with an umbrella. that doesn't really work that well. it blows eventually inside out. here's the funny thing about the two of them. they went through all the steps. >> look. there's about four people left at the wedding. that's so funny. >> they went through their vows. the whole deal. what would you have done if that was happening in the middle of your wedding? >> i don't know. i guess if i thought it would be dangerous i probably would have gone running. but -- >> look at her. >> i think i would have left. >> here's the funny thing. it started off crystal clear. they saw it coming. >> a metaphor for life. you know what i'm saying, hoda woman? >> it comes out of nowhere and gets you. and she -- >> you know what? they've got a sense of humor about it. >> look at the woman on the left. >> i know what you would have done. >> i would have said, no, we'll do the vows inside.
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i would have made a run for it. >> do you think you'll ever get married again? >> this is awkward. >> i didn't say soon. i just mean -- >> i don't know. i don't know about that question. hence the wine on our set. i honestly don't know. i don't know. because i do think i'm better with someone. but i also, you know, like independence, too. so i like the blend. >> there's a little bit of fear and trepidation when you have had a marriage that didn't work out. >> yeah, yeah. and you can't -- the funny thing, i think a lot of women who were divorced do this. they take the sins of their other husband and -- >> apply them. >> -- there, he's doing that now. look at that. sometimes you don't realize you're doing it. >> that's you. >> that's nothing i would do because jay's perfect. >> pretty darn close to it. he is a sweetheart. >> he's the real, real deal. >> stay tuned. >> all right. what's going on with -- what?
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>> stay tuned. >> what's going on with kris humphries. >> i actually -- we heard that kris humphries wanted out of filming the "keeping up with the kardashians." >> coming from "life & style." >> says he's tired of the cameras. not going to do the next season. only paid -- only in quotes. $20,000 per episode. here's the thing. i called kris jenner. 6:00 in the morning in los angeles. already worked out and on her way to the plastic surgeon. actually, she was. you got to love the woman. she has her priorities. anyway, she says she doesn't know what he's paid because she's not his manager. she said, i don't know that he's -- that he doesn't want to do the show. she says, i haven't seen him hardly at all since the wedding because the minute they got married, they went on the honeymoon. then they came to new york to film the "kourtney and kim take new york" show. i think it's more he's cranky right now because of the lockout
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with the nba. she said, yes, he'd rather be playing basketball. >> having his own thing. i think the problem is when you don't have your own gig and suddenly you're now part of the -- >> he knew what he was getting into. he married kim -- started dating her when she was already a superstar. >> sure. it is nice when you do have -- even if you're married to a superstar, as long as you have something that's only yours. >> i think you give up a lot. going to be talking a little bit with glenn beck, an interview i did yesterday. there is a huge price to fame. >> mm-hmm. >> you don't know it when you're seeking it. it's almost like your health and your privacy are the two things you take for granted until you lose them both. >> i thought it was interest ing. one of glenn beck's quotes you showed in the earlier hour, how he wouldn't want to be his own wife or children. that was telling. >> because of the difficulties. that's coming up on our show today. >> all right. >> glenn beck is not one of these, nor frank gifford, nor jay, a couple people around here
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probably are. more men are getting botox. it's called boytox. never in a million years would frank gifford do it. >> ever. they're doing it in that line right in the middle. not the eye lines. i think men look handsome with wrinkles. >> life is not fair. >> the plastic surgeons say apparently it's a big boom, that more men are getting the botox. >> you haven't done it? >> no. >> you're not going to do it? >> i don't think so. no. i don't think so. you haven't done it. >> i've been doing it since i turned 40. are you kidding me? of course i do it. anybody who has no creases and says they don't. lying. >> let's say you're in line at a department store. you've been waiting in line to pay for your stuff and a woman walks up and says, hold on, i just have a question. i'm going to cut in front of you. excuse me. then proceeds to ask a lengthy question. i was looking for this. it's not in this aisle. blah, blah, blah. what do you do? do you think that's proper etiquette? if you only have a question,
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you're not buying anything, is it okay to cut in front in line to ask your question and go on your way. >> i think it's anything in life. it's how you do it. if you literally need to say excuse me, where's the pay phone. you say it to the person you're -- you're cutting. say would you mind if i ask a question first? instead of going right in front of them going, i'm sorry. it's tone. it's always tone. >> they say if it's a yes/no question it's okay to step in front. if it's more involved like, hey, i had a return. someone said i should bring it here. do you have any, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. that's what basically the social q is calling. i don't like when i'm waiting in line and the clerk -- her phone rings and she says, can you hold on a second? hello. yes. uh-huh. they start proceeding to have a long conversation with the person on the telephone. sometimes you show up at any of the stores, best buy, whatever, because you wanted to be in person to see them to talk. i could have called in. i didn't. i came.
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>> you could call in in line. >> it's me. i'm waiting right in front of you. >> we can't reveal our halloween costumes. don't try to get it out of us. >> are you excited about them? >> yes. it's going to be fun. >> it's a group ensemble. okay? here's the funny thing. if you want to see justin bieber in concert on the plaza, he's coming here. november 23rd. when you come out on the plaza, you enter our halloween costume contest. and you may be one of the people who gets to come back again and see justin bieber later on, november 23rd. >> five pairs of v.i.p. passes. >> come on. he'll be here for thanksgiving, for the macy's day parade. that's going to be pretty cool. people are creative with their costumes they come up with. >> it's fun. we also have another contest going on, don't we, miss sara? >> our harry potter.
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>> orlando. we would love you to come and see us down there. >> yes, we're going to be doing the show wide as the wizarding world of harry potter on friday, november 11. enter for a chance to come see our show and join in a week long celebration of the harry potter films. prizes include air, travel and hotel accommodations for five days and four nights at universal orlando resorts in florida for the winner and three guests. so the winner and guests will also have access to a q & a session with film stars and film makers, autograph session with the cast and invitation to gala event. go to our website to enter. >> by the way, our people in our pr department were saying we're getting gazillions of people who want this. they're coming in droves. get involved. we're all going to be there in orlando. >> great fun. we're drinking today because it's winesday. >> that's the only reason. >> like we need a reason. >> mythology chardonnay. $20 per bottle. this is the woman who started, i
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always had a dream to make wine, had her dream come true, moved to oregon. it's one of the great oregon wines. >> what's that bottle? >> this thing is called swell. 10% of the profits of this go to breast cancer research. it's a healthy -- >> reusable wine bottle. how about that? dump your wine in and cork it up. >> there you go. >> oh, it's like that. no one knows what it is. >> all right, everybody. you know who else is here? >> vince gill. >> i played his cd all morning. he's one of the great -- forget just country music. great musicians ever. one of the sweetest guys in the world, too. >> he's doing something he hasn't done in five years. he's going to tell us all about it. >> more with glenn beck coming up, too. see you all in a little bit.
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in 1976 a young man from oklahoma joined a band called pure prairie league.
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in 1984 that same guy released his first solo album and ever since the life of vince gill has been never the same, that's for sure. >> right. now with 20 grammys to his name, two less than the male record holder stevie wonder, vince released his first new cd in five years. it is called "guitar slinger." >> we're delighted you're here. we're a little upset it took five years. >> what took you so long. >> you were busy producing other artists. >> just busy. took a couple years to make it. built a studio in my house. that took a while. nobody was beating my door down to get it. >> stop it. come on. >> it's all good. >> is it great to be able to record in your own home, relax, do it at your own pace. not worried about paying the engineer overtime. >> that's right. >> it's a little bit of a family affair, some of the songs. tell us about, you have some of your kids who are -- and your wife obviously featured in some of the songs. >> my wife amy and i, amy grant, we've been married for 11 years. we did a duet together. "true love." a song she wrote about me, so
2:23 am
i'm told. >> beautiful. >> she was kind enough to give me a co-writing credit on it. >> i noticed that. i thought you both wrote it together. >> she said here's a song, vince, i wrote about you. i don't take too much credit for it. >> by the way, a lot of people are in love with you. no one probably more than nashville, the city of nashville. they declared what? >> vince gill week. >> yeah. and i was out of town. it was kind of a drag. that was really weird. i was home for two days of my week. i could have gotten in a lot of trouble. >> could have milked that baby. is that where the bobblehead thing comes from. >> yeah. i'm a nashville predator fan. it's the hockey team we have. ever since they came to town i've been to every game. i love sports and all that. i'm their number one -- after jack nicholson, so to speak. >> can you play as well? >> i couldn't skate with a gun to my head. >> you can certainly write and certainly sing. this cd showcases your musicianship as a guitarist. >> there's a good bit of guitar
2:24 am
on there. i'm proudest of the song writing. it continues to improve. that's the whole point. >> tell us about the song "threaten me with heaven." >> i wrote that with amy and two other fellows. will was the guy that was responsible for getting the four of us together to write. and we wrote that song and unfortunately after i recorded it, will took his own life. >> did you see that coming? >> it was -- as hard as it was, it didn't surprise you. >> people battle their demons, don't they? >> yeah. >> the album is not just all about that sort of thing. although there's another friend as well. your daughter sings on that one. >> she does, yeah. >> tell us about that song. >> my daughter, corrina, she's 10. in the fifth grade. she loves music. she's all the time asking me to play something on the cd player.
2:25 am
bless you. >> thank you. >> i've written this song. it's a dark song. it's a story about a friend of mine that unfortunately took a woman's life. and then his own a few days later. i wrote this song called "what made you go crazy, billie paul?" i was playing it in the car. corrina heard it. she goes, dad, i love that song. play it again. she was really drawn to it. she asked me if story was true. i said, i'm afraid so. i said this could be a really -- could be a really eerie, cool thing to have a little kid's voice on such a dark song. >> and it is. some other people are on this as well. it's like a hall of fame. >> all the same bunch. my oldest daughter, jenny, is a great singer. she's trying to do it professionally and does it very well. >> does it hurt or help to be vince gill's daughter when you're trying to get in the music business? >> i think at her convenience. it can be helpful. it can also be hurtful. >> we wish you great luck, vince. >> it's a beautiful -- it's got
2:26 am
some fun rocking stuff on it as well. >> yeah. you get to rocking a little bit, too, as well. >> you got a problem with that? >> i figured i'd show up in case you needed a designated driver. >> you know, it's just not fair. please say hello to amy for us. >> you bet. coming up, the webtastic video that will have you feeling antsy. right after this. man: my electric bill was breaking the bank. so to save some money, i trained this team of guinea pigs to row this tiny boat. guinea pig: row...row. they generate electricity, which lets me surf the web all day. guinea pig: row...row. took me 6 months to train each one, 8 months to get the guinea pig: row...row. little chubby one to yell row! guinea pig: row...row. that's kind of strange. guinea pig: row...row. such a simple word... row. anncr: there's an easier way to save. get online. go to get a quote. 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance.
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it's a webtastic time of day. >> sara's here with her video pick of the week. >> let me say thank you to facebook fans. a bunch of them sent this in. in honor of hoda and her love for a good beat, let's take a look. ♪ every day i'm shuffling
2:31 am
♪ shuffling, shuffling, don't be mad, hate is bad ♪ ♪ one more shot for us, fill up a cup, you just want to see, now you're home with me ♪ >> it has over 1.5 million hits. they custom make -- the owner, kevin judd, actually makes a lot of this stuff himself. they've done this in past years to other songs. "thriller." "boom boom pow." >> what do their neighbors think of this? >> clearly they're neighbor of the year with that kind of action. >> i love how the windows sing. i'm totally engrossed in this thing. >> that's like a driving hazard when you go by, though. >> somebody did that in my neighborhood, i don't know what i'd do. do it one night. halloween. >> i think it's awesome! >> it's entertaining.
2:32 am
>> think about it. your parents would be the coolest people ever. coming up next, you guys, we are going to play "who knew?" this week's trivia game takes a wicked turn. great do-it-yourself halloween designs. >> then in the kitchen where a couple sisters are stirring up some halloween fun.
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♪ we're back with more "today" on this winesday wednesday. ready to play "who knew?" we're about to get a little tricky. kathie lee, of course, is across the street at the nbc experience store ready to hand out 100 bucks to those who answer the questions right. to those who don't, well, they get her cd. okay. linda fears is here to help me out. "family circle" magazine's
2:37 am
editor in chief. you've got some good questions on here. >> i think we'll trick people. >> this couple is from canada. they call it newfoundland. not newfoundland. they were very, very harsh about that. what percentage of adults in the u.s. dress up on halloween? 21%? 35%? 50%? 79%? >> i'd say 35? >> oh, no. no, no. hard to get this in canada. you're going to enjoy that. >> all right. so the correct answer is half. 50%. >> a lot, right? it seems like more and more adults get into it every single year. in fact, a third are planning to go to halloween parties this year and are going to spend $200 million more on costumes than the kids. >> these are mainly people going out to parties. >> or trick-or-treating with their kids. 11% dress up their pets. >> okay. >> where are you from, sir? >> green bay. >> is that in wisconsin? >> yes.
2:38 am
>> are you a packers fan? >> yes. >> what are you going to be for halloween. >> ninja. >> all righty. on average, how many pounds of candy corn are sold each year? 5 million pounds? 35 million pounds? 75 million pounds? or 1 billion pounds of candy corn? >> 1 billion. >> are you his mother? he says yes. she says no. all right, honey. sorry. this is not your kind of music. maybe you'll grow into it. >> he's hoping it was a billion pounds. 35 million pounds. >> you know what candy corn's made of. >> what. >> sugar. >> total sugar. >> i like it. >> this gentleman reese from southern california. what's the most popular costume expected to be this halloween? snooki, president obama, charlie sheen or tiger woods? >> charlie sheen.
2:39 am
i won? >> yes. >> he's a winner. okay. every year it seems like it's whoever is kind of grabbing the headlines. >> the notorious person, yeah. so the charlie sheen mask is what's selling like hotcakes online right now. >> got it. >> also really popular is lady gaga. katy perry. >> last year -- snooki was kind of last year. >> snooki was last year. we'll probably see some snookis this year, too, i would imagine. >> back across to kath. >> from minnesota. how many pounds did the largest pumpkin ever grown weigh? 101? 459? 1,810 in or 2,012 pounds? >> 1,810. >> how did you know that? >> gosh, with such confidence. like he knew it. >> how did he know that? >> that's huge. how big is that? >> it's huge. 810 pounds. it was sent -- 1,800, yeah.
2:40 am
>> cleaning that thing. can you even imagine the gook in there. >> even carving it. would take you forever. >> back across to kath. >> last lady, she's from rochester, new york. all righty. what were hoda and i last year for halloween? morticia and gomez, samantha and carrie, sandy and danny from "grease" or lucy and ethel? >> "b?" >> watch us often, huh. >> we were lucy and ethel, for god's sakes. we'll never forget that. jumping around in that big vat of grapes. >> i'm trying to guess what you guys are going to be this year. i don't know. >> thanks for coming, linda. up next, we're going to catch up with glenn beck. then get out a glue gun and show you ways to scare up your house. first, these messages. septic system breakdowns affect over one million homes each year. without regular maintenance, septic tanks can back up,
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glenn beck is best known as
2:45 am
a fiery and sometimes controversial commentator on current events. >> there's a side of glenn beck you don't often see. i sat down with him in his manhattan studios yesterday to talk about his latest work of fiction. it's a story that involves living with abuse. it's inspired by his own childhood. >> somebody said, you know, for people who don't know you, this -- this book will come as a surprise. i said, well, of course, they don't know me. >> yeah, i know. >> i'm much more than a cartoon character. >> this glenn beck. >> he's the fat cat. lord of the underworld. >> the outspoken commentator most people are familiar with. >> very wrong. >> in his latest fiction book "the snow angel" beck tells a story of abuse and redemption inspired by his own childhood. >> my mother's suicide. she died when i was in my teens. >> she drowned. >> yeah. >> was it suicide? >> you know, the jury is out. you don't know. >> still a mystery. >> i think we all avoided it
2:46 am
because when you live in an alcoholic family or an abusive family, you tiptoe. >> so it is quite autobiographical, then, in that sense. >> yeah. >> even though the names are changed, it's all part of what makes glenn beck you, right? >> yeah. it was -- gosh. >> take a moment. >> now the "today" show is going to make fun of me again. >> no, they're not. >> abuse is generational. i told my dad a few years back, you've set the football down, dad. and you've moved it so far down the field from your father. but it's my turn now. and that's really the inspiration of this story. >> beck has spoken openly about his own battle with alcoholism. >> i was actually angry with god. i remember driving, and i'm saying, look, i prayed to you for a week, i've been telling you i'm at the end. i told you on this day, on
2:47 am
thursday, i was going to the bar and i'm going to drink. and i asked you, roadblock. help me out. nothing! i went to the bar and i ordered a jack and coke. i grabbed it and i turned around and i locked eyes with tania. who i had met two other times before briefly in passing. and i realized that was my roadblock. and before i took the drink, i set it down. i walked over. and i asked her if she wanted to go and have a cup of coffee with me. and we haven't been apart since. >> beck married tania. a father of four, he says he's been sober for 17 years. he left fox news after it was reported his show struggled to find advertising. >> hello, america, and welcome to the very first episode and the first day of the future. >> in september he launched his new subscription based online venture, gb tv. i met you only one other time before. it was at the "today" show studios. you had -- you're a big guy. but you had about five huge guys
2:48 am
around you. that's just a part of life for you, isn't it? >> yeah. >> and for your entire family? >> yeah. >> has it been worth it, glenn? >> only he will answer that. i don't know. i wouldn't want to be my kids. i wouldn't want to be my wife. but it's what comes with it. good and bad. that's the bad. what happens, happens. we do the right thing. we try to. >> he's so very different from so much you've read about. >> sure. >> he's actually a very genuine person, cares very deeply about many, many things. often speaks truth that people don't want to hear such as the potential collapse of our economic system or, you know, violence in the streets. things that we don't want to look at. he's not always right. he admits that. he's very human. but obviously, obviously he's a lightning rod for an awful lot of attention. but the person i met yesterday is very different.
2:49 am
and i was quite warmed by him. >> yeah. he seemed -- he was much more emotive than i would have imagined him to be. >> you'd like him, hoda. you really would. the one i met yesterday, you'd like a lot. coming up next, a good reason to gather your family. homemade halloween decorations. they're done easy. right after this. how easy? you know i can't. come on. here's a look at your forecast for later on today. we're going to see this frontal system move through the middle part of the country and bring some interesting weather in a few spots. snow in colorado and we could see some snowflakes flying throughout portions of the northeast. not expecting the big cities to get in on too much of the snow. in fact, all of the areas in the higher elevations, you have your best chance of a few inches of snow. but again, the big cities, interstate 95 corridor likely not going to see anything in the way of snow for today. this weekend could be a
2:50 am
different story. we're going to talk about this in a moment. look at this cool air. these are daytime highs, only in the 40s and 50s. many spots will be below average for daytime highs. for friday, we have that chance for rain now in the southeast. we're going to see another storm develop. this is a storm that will move up into the northeast. from the southeast to the northeast in a couple of days, we'll see some active weather. going to feel gold on friday. boston, you're not going to get out of the 40s. so we stay very cool for you in boston in the west. plenty of 50s. the southwest, we're going to have nice weather, upper 60s in los angeles. 87 in phoenix. and then for the weekend, this is where we could see some snow mixed in for some of the bigger cities, including new york. wouldn't expect to see any accumulations, but by the evening, you might see some of those snowflakes mixed in throughout portions of the
2:51 am
evening and the nighttime. for sunday, we'll see the temperatures into the 50s. not as much activity. a letle rain in the northern plains around the great lakes, moving off into the ohio valley and portions of the appalachians, the northern portions there. catch "wake up with al" on the weather channel later this morning. i am running the ing new york city marathon. think you can beat my time? you better run fast. [ female announcer ] apolo's training
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with the subway turkey breast his way, with tomatoes, green peppers and jalapenos! subway. the official training restaurant of apolo ohno and athletes everywhere. with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter.
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we're about to help you have a happy halloween today with some do-it-yourself projects. >> sarah gray miller, editor in chief of "country living" magazine has ideas even the craft challenged can master. >> how are you? >> we're good. >> we are working on a spider web doormat. easy, affordable. whole project less than $15. industrial indoor/outdoor carpet. any hardware store, $4, $5 a
2:54 am
yard. mark the center point with a string. make your circle. then your segments. draw little arcs inside the segment. you're done. >> that looks like an oval. not a circle. >> you can also do an oval the same way. >> see. i was paying attention. sarah gray, don't you pull that stuff on me. >> you can do an oval. it just takes a little more skill. >> hello. let's take some cheese cloth and make some ghosts. >> kathie lee, you can do this one. all it is, cheese cloths. a dollar a yard at the grocery store. cut it into squares. soak it in fabric stiffener. >> what's fabric stiffener? starch? >> any craft store about $7 a bottle. gluey starch. you drape it -- >> we're not doing it. we would make a mess. >> put it on top. >> put it on top. dry for ten minutes.
2:55 am
pop the balloon. >> what a cute idea. >> look at them in the tree. >> glue on construction paper eyeballs. >> sarah gray, we like that one. >> very cute, sweetie. next? you're batting 1,000 here. >> okay. little more advanced. little more expensive. glow in the dark eyeball ring. you can use it year after year. >> who doesn't want one of those? nothing says welcome like that. >> it'll be on my front door this weekend. wrap a wreath form. get them at a craft store for a couple dollars. wrap it with crepe paper. put a straight pin in the eyeball. >> where are you getting the eyeball? >> $8 for a dozen. once you've got your pins in there -- >> just stick them in? >> just stick them in. work your way around. they're a little big. there are smaller ones available.
2:56 am
>> hang it on your door like we've shown. >> the bats, baby. >> the easiest one of all. the template on print it out. cut it out. fold your construction paper. put the template on. all you do is trace around it. >> cut. >> cut. unfold it. you can just tape these anywhere. >> anywhere. on the door. >> inside. outside. outside in a covered area. >> 30 seconds. >> trick-or-treat cans. empty paint cans. $5, home depot. write whatever you want. >> they're empty. >> they come empty. they don't have to get the paint out, hoda. i wouldn't do that to you. >> she's not hearing well. you're not feeling well. >> you can save money by cleaning them out. you can buy these empty. >> what do we have? >> the fun part. food and drink. transform any store bought sheet cake. fondant icing. just like working with play dough. >> a little graveyard, hoda.
2:57 am
>> that's cute. >> thank you, sarah gray. we've had a lot of fun. >> all right. up next, double, double, toil and trouble, fire burning and caldron bubble. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
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3:00 am
all right. time for "today's" kitchen, hoda. >> oh, yeah. >> creepy cuisine made for halloween. >> a hub for witchy celebration. >> they are sisters and chefs and owners of nearby italian restaurant nebo. >> north end boston.
3:01 am
>> you brought us stuff you grew up on as italian sisters. >> we do. we start with a black -- with eyeballs in it? >> doesn't everybody. >> it's black. sambuca isn't black, is it? >> yes. >> it is? oh. >> drinking licorice. >> that's good. great for the sinuses. >> we're going to start with bone marrow. bruschetta. >> what bones are those? >> just rub some oil on it. >> just get them cut in half at the butcher. easy to do. those go in the oven. >> just like that. >> then we'll make a little dressing for it. a little olive oil. >> what am i eating? >> the marrow. >> that's not going to happen. >> you're getting in here, kath. >> no, no. >> yes, you have to.
3:02 am
it's impolite. it is impolite. >> you're eating the bone. >> yes, you have to. >> we did a little capers and olive oil. some dressing. >> i like that. >> then we're going to spread -- >> you go, girl. get in there, hoda. >> no. this is for you. >> i just had a reese's. >> give it to kath. kath, you have to do it. >> oh, no. oh, i can't. >> come on! >> no, no. >> it's impolite. get with the show. >> i cannot do that. no. >> all right, hoda. there's one already made for her. we'll give you one that's already made. >> thank you. kath, i can't believe you're not going to do it. >> she's eating the snails. that's it. >> i like those. >> good? >> mm-hmm. >> now we got to move along. >> i believe you. >> now we have some escargot. what we did was put some of these -- we just stuffed them in.
3:03 am
>> just stuffed them in? >> yeah. >> if you buy them during the winter, you get them inside a can with a container. break it up chunky. chili pepper. salt. that's it. throw your snails in. 15 minutes with the sauce. about another 15 minutes with the snails. >> did you explain why you're -- >> it seems like a lot of work. >> we grew up very fancy. my mother put the pin cushion on the table and that's how you eat your snails. >> i like you two. >> here you go. >> from the north end. >> the north end of boston. >> dig it right out. >> okay. >> that's delicious. that's delicious, ladies. tomorrow, professional matchmakers are going to tell you how to win love.
3:04 am
>> plus, a peek inside neiman marcus's famous catalog. bambino is going to be modeling! -- captions by vitac -- and jay plays "woulda, coulda, captions paid for by captions by vitac


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